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Weddings & Funerals

Weddings Funerals


Weddings at Bethlehem

Marriage is designed by God to be an awesome parable of his love for his people. This is why Bethlehem takes weddings so seriously. We want couples to experience the profound joy that comes from a God-centered marriage.

In order to be married at Bethlehem, we require that:

  • Couples work with a Bethlehem elder to oversee their wedding process.
  • A Bethlehem elder or Bethlehem-approved officiant performs the wedding.
  • Either the bride or groom is part of the Bethlehem family.
  • Couples complete premarital counseling, either through a Bethlehem elder or Bethlehem-approved minister.

Couples interested in hosting their wedding and/or reception at Bethlehem must submit a Wedding Request Form. For information about our Wedding Policies and Wedding Rates, please email .


If you're planning a funeral and would like a Bethlehem pastor to perform the service, please call the church office at 612-338-7653. If youre not sure which pastor to ask, please contact Matt Moore (612-338-7653 x425).

Will a Pastor Conduct the Funeral Service?

Yes. Well do our best to see that the pastor you choose is available to conduct the funeral service.

Can I Use Bethlehem’s Facilities?

Yes. As best we can, we try to give funerals for Bethlehem members first priority for facility use. However, at times, due to previously scheduled commitments, options may be limited.

Is There a Fee?

If the service is for a member of the church or his/her family member, there will not be a charge.

Can I Share a Condolence Notice With the Congregation?

Condolence notices are included in the pastoral weekly emails when members and regular attendees experience the loss of an immediate family member. Service details can be shared as well, if desired. To notify Bethlehem of such a loss, contact the receptionist (612-338-7653).

Need More?

For further information, contact Matt Moore (612-338-7653 x425).