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Sermon: The Blood-Bought Family of Christ: Meaningful Membership

Dave Zuleger

... love and serve is by membership. We sign a covenant together ...

Page: Constitution and Bylaws Revisions FAQ

by-laws, bylaws, constitution, faq

Sermon: Homecoming and Holiness

Jason Meyer

Sermon: Small Groups

Jason Meyer

Sermon: Reaching In

Aaron Davitch

Sermon: Stronger

Jason Meyer

... church attendance, (2) small group membership, and (3) giving of yourself ...

Sermon: Sending in a Manner Worthy of God

Jason Meyer

... children leftovers—his low-class, hand-me-down junk. God ... are no first and second class Christians in God’s ... a disciple through baptism and membership in the body: So those ...

Sermon: God’s Design for the Church, Part 2

Steven Lee

... of you to pursue church membership. Members at Bethlehem covenant to ... from pursuing baptism and church membership as an act of obedience ...

Sermon: Aspiring to Be a Healthy Church

Ken Currie

... months we will look at membership, leadership, sound doctrine, ministry, and ...

Sermon: Did Not Our Hearts Burn?

Steven Lee

... point to their past: baptism, membership, or profession of faith. But ...

Sermon: True Unity

Jason Meyer

... him or her out of membership, but not out of heaven ... not be kept out of membership, but out of eldership. Elders ...

Sermon: Gospel Perseverance and Affection

Ken Currie

... , purchases for us the rich membership in the body of Christ ...

Sermon: What Even Apostles Cannot Endure

Matthew Westerholm

... Campus church staff in a membership drive. Pastor Jared is not ...

Sermon: Blood-Bought Leaders: Meaningful Eldership

Dave Zuleger

... a couple reasons: 1) meaningful membership will flow from healthy eldership ...

Sermon: The Spirit Glorifies Jesus in Glorious Transformation

Dave Zuleger

Such is the confidence that we have through Christ toward God. Not that we are sufficient in ourselves to claim anything as coming from us, but& ...