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April 20, 2017

We Preach Redemption!

Jason Meyer

Pastor for Preaching & Vision

On Wednesday, April 26, Bethlehem will be hosting an evening with pastor/counselor Chris Moles for a teaching time on Understanding & Addressing Domestic Abuse. Kïrsten Christianson is Bethlehem's Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART) leader, and she has done a wonderful job organizing this event. She truly has been a gift from God—I can't begin to tell you what a crucial part she has played in this and in our domestic abuse ministry. I will let her tell you more about this training and why we regard it as so important.

“From oppression and violence he redeems their life, and precious is their blood in his sight.”—Psalm 72:14

Next week, Bethlehem has an important opportunity to learn more about how God can use us to redeem our brothers and sisters from oppression and violence: Chris Moles will be speaking from his 10+ years of experience in working with men who abuse/offend. Chris is a pastor, certified biblical counselor, and certified group facilitator in domestic violence intervention and prevention.

Abuse/oppression in all its forms tells a lie about God and perverts the gospel. If the statistics are even close to true, around 125–150 families in our church are suffering some form of domestic abuse. Two years into our domestic abuse ministry (DART) at Bethlehem, I can tell you that you most likely have someone in your church circles who is experiencing this destructive situation. 

Given this reality, I invite you to come to this evening event for learning and equipping. Chris Moles is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, and you will benefit from what he has learned.

The evening will begin with Pastor Jason Meyer giving a biblical view of complementarianism and how understanding and practicing it in our church and in our families helps us better identify when relationships have veered into abuse and sin. 

Chris will then define abuse, identify what is at its heart, help us see how it is displayed in an abuser’s relationships (and how that affects our church), and then teach us to apply gospel solutions to this intractable sin. We’ll have a time of Q & A at the end of the evening. 

Domestic abuse is an evil that destroys our children, our families, and our community. We want to proclaim repentance, healing, redemption, and restoration through Christ to each other and the world. Please join me on Wednesday evening to learn how we can better move toward the abuser and the abused with bold love and practical care.