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February 14, 2023

Highlights From the Bethlehem Quarterly Meeting (January 29, 2023)

Amanda Knoke

Director for Communications

Meeting Highlights ...

  • Opening Worship & Devotional
  • Transition
  • Membership Report
  • Vision Update
  • Elected Financial Secretary
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Budget Presentation and Vote
  • Deceased Members From 2022

Opening Worship & Devotional

Pastor Chuck Steddom opened the meeting with congregational singing of “How Great Is Our God” and “Great Is Your Faithfulness.” Elder Chair Tim Johnson gave an exhortation to the Downtown congregation from 1 Corinthians 13: Pursue love.


This meeting marks the last “all-church” Quarterly Strategy Meeting, and on February 1, The North Church will be launched as a separate entity.

Membership Report

Total members at the start of the meeting: 1,937

  • Three members were added to correct a previous mistake
  • 17 members associated with the Downtown Campus were removed
  • 55 members associated with the North Campus were removed
  • 766 members who have chosen to join The North Church were removed effective February 1, 2023
  • Total membership at conclusion of meeting: 1,102

Ministry and Vision Update

Before presenting his Vision Update, Pastor Kenny Stokes gave a photo/video update from his recent trip to Cameroon to teach on Church Planting at the Bethlehem College and Seminary Extension Site in Yaoundé.

Pastor Kenny then presented a vision update. The elders had a vision retreat in January and met to discuss both short and long-term vision. Highlights from the presentation included a clarification of the terms vision and mission, and an explanation of two primary vision strategy tools: The Vision Frame and the Horizon Storyline. The Vision Frame included vision for 5–20 years, three years, one year, and 90 days.

Elected Financial Secretary

The membership voted to affirm Paul Johnson as Financial Secretary.

Treasurer’s Report

Bryan Rohde presented the Treasurer’s Report (after first thanking and honoring the work of the previous Treasurer, Tim Brinkmann; Jon Grano, Pastor for Operations; and Ken Currie, Pastor for Strategic Implementation and a mentor of Bryan’s).

Fourth Quarter Summary

  • Giving was $3.0M
  • December giving for the Downtown & North campuses exceeded budget of $1.5M and was higher than December all-church giving from the prior year.
  • Lower than Q4 2021 giving by $92K
  • Spending was $2.0M
  • Lower than Q4 2021 spending by $412K
  • Giving exceeded spending by $1M
  • Favorable by $320K compared to Q4 2021 net giving/spending

2022 Full-Year Summary

  • Giving was $8.53M
  • Lower than 2021 by $703K (7.6% unfavorable change)
    Spending was $8.67M
  • Lower than 2021 by $802K (8.5% favorable change)
  • Spending exceeded giving by $139K
  • Due to abundant generosity in December and thoughtful management of expenses, giving covered 98% of ministry costs.

Mortgage Debt

  • $4.51M is outstanding on mortgage loans as of 12/31/22, which will be divided between Downtown and North campuses on February 1.
  • Mortgage debt of $2.3M was transferred to South Cities Church on December 1.
    For 2022, the principal balance was reduced by $562K due to additional payments and designated gifts.

Budget Presentation and Vote

Pastor Jon Grano presented the 2023 Budget. The elder-recommended Church & Missions operating budget is $3,150,000. The budget was approved by the congregation.

Thankfulness for Ministry of Ken Currie

Tim Johnson called Ken Currie forward, and thanked God and honored Ken for his many years of ministry (since 2003) at Bethlehem, with Campus Outreach, the Youth Ministry, and as both Downtown Lead Pastor and Pastor for Strategic Implementation. Now Pastor Ken has come full circle and transitioned to Ministerial Director for Campus Outreach, as well as leading Bethlehem’s College ministry.

Deceased Members From 2022

Bethlehem remembered the members who passed away in 2022, as Pastor Kenny read the following names:

Blair Anderson
Marlys Arenson
JoNell Baker
Sue Benhardus
Mary Hagberg
Janice Johnson
Nancy Leyh
George Ryon

Thanks to Church Clerk Bobby Ratliff for his assistance in preparing this update.