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February 13, 2018

Gratitude for Christmas Tree 'Gifts for Life'

Delsie Baxter

Sanctity of Life Ministry Leader, Downtown Campus

At Bethlehem, it’s our pleasure to partner with local sanctity of life ministries that are reaching out to people in crisis with practical help and the good news of the gospel. The Downtown and North Campuses support New Life Family Services and their offices around the Twin Cities. The South Campus supports Amnion Crisis Pregnancy Center in Burnsville.

We have recently received the results of the Christmas Tree Gifts for Life campaign conducted for both ministries. At North and Downtown Campuses, “ornaments” representing various services offered by New Life and the associated cost to provide the services were taken from Christmas trees and sent to the ministry with that amount enclosed. At South Campus, tags indicating items needed at Amnion were taken from the South Christmas tree, and donations of these items were returned to the tree in December and then given to Amnion.

Both ministries send their thanks along with the details on these recent gifts (below). Thank you to all who participated in these efforts! Let’s continue to pray for these ministry partners and to support them as the opportunity arises.

From New Life Family Services ...

Thank you so much for providing such generous and tangible life-affirming support to women and young families in your communities through the Christmas Trees for Life campaign! We are once again overwhelmed by the generosity shown to our ministry and the families we serve. This year, a total of $13,194* was given—a record high! Because of your support we are able to continue in our work of changing hearts, saving lives, building families and restoring hope. We are honored to be partnering in God’s work with you and pray rich blessings for each member of your congregation. Thank you!

*Total updated February 15, 2018

From Amnion Crisis Pregnancy Center ...

We are so appreciative of the support from Bethlehem Baptist. Thank you again for the wonderful donations for the clients during this past Christmas season. Our clients will be so blessed. A total of 3,823 items were given! See details below ...

  • Diapers: 943
  • Wipes: 2,800
  • Crib Sheets: 4
  • Blankets: 8
  • Baby Clothes: 6 outfits, 1 sleeper, 5 shirts, 4 pants, 2 onesies, 14 pairs of socks
  • Bibles (various): 17
  • Books: 1
  • Gift Cards: 13 cards in various amounts, totaling $325 (Target, Walmart, gas stations) and 2 gift card boxes
  • Donations for Vitamins: 2 gifts, totaling $50
  • Cash: $100