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March 2, 2017

Gospel of Mark Sermon Series Branding

Matthew Westerholm

Pastor for Worship, Downtown

When you attend worship services this weekend (and in the weeks to come), we hope you notice the new backdrop we’ve designed to compliment our journey through the book of Mark.

This gospel often uses geographic descriptions to indicate different sections of the book. Our story begins in Judea (Luke 1:5), then moves to Galilee (1:14–6:6), journeys with the apostles (6:6b–9:50), moves toward Jerusalem (10:1–52) and finally ends in Jerusalem (11:1–16:20). Our design on the Sanctuary backdrop at the Downtown Campus highlights these descriptions by using shapes evoking maps and topography.

You may notice the blue water” choice of the design as well. Mark uses water in important scenes in his gospel. Water is seen in baptisms (1:4, 10) and at the sea where Jesus teaches (2:13), calms (4:39), and walks (6:48). Mark uses water as a picture of blessing (9:41) and as a picture of judgment (5:13, 9:42, 11:23).

We are praying that God will use the Gospel of Mark like a map in our lives and lead us closer to the likeness of his Son, the Lord Jesus.