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March 27, 2017

Are you a mother on mission?

Maddie Osgood

Coordinator for Design & Communication Production

One of our Downtown Campus MOMS wrote an encouraging piece on missional motherhood for stay-at-home moms (Monica Geyen) ...

I rolled down our van window as we pulled up to the stoplight. A homeless man made in the image of God stood beside our passenger-side window. “No one has ever told me they would pray for me,” he cried, as I asked for his name and told him we would pray for him. I handed him a bag, shared with him the good news about Jesus with no promise that his earthly life would get easier, and we said goodbye as cars honked to indicate the light had turned green.

This moment transpired with my three children beside me—with my “hands full,” as moms like me are often told when we are on the go with our children. They are right. Our hands are full—fuller than they can see.

God has made these days for holding little hands, and he has made us for these days (Psalm 118:24). Each new day brings significant God-prepared work for mothers (Ephesians 2:10). And as God has made me aware of the kingdom importance of my mothering, he has also opened my heart afresh to people, conversations, and experiences I had never anticipated. He is teaching me to be a MOM—a mother on mission.

Come to the Womens Spring Conference to hear more from this inspiring woman of God! She'll be one of three women sharing a short personal testimony at the conference.