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We welcome children up to 3 years of age to be cared for during worship services. A team of caregivers leads children in age-appropriate playtime, shares God-centered stories and songs, and prays for each child.

Nursery Check-In

  • Each time you use the nursery, visit a Check-In Kiosk to check in and print nametags for each child.
  • Nursery rooms are located in the lower level, below the Sanctuary (see map).
  • Looking for the Nursing Moms Room? Just ask at a nursery counter.

Announce Your Childs Birth or Adoption

If Bethlehem is your church home and youd like to have your child’s birth or adoption announced in the weekly Pastor's Update email and at weekend worship services, send an email to Lisa Burk with the following information:

  • Child’s full name & spelling(s) of each name (pronunciation/phonetic spelling if needed)
  • Date of birth (also include adoption date if applicable)
  • Dad’s & Mom’s names

Dedicating Your Child

On Child Dedication Sunday our spiritual family prays blessings over parents and the children they are dedicating in the hope that, by God's grace, they would belong wholly to our Lord Jesus Christ with great joy. Please sign up below, and Pastor Bud Burk will meet with you to prepare for the service. Contact Debbie Mairet if you have questions.

Upcoming Child Dedication Services

  • May 14, 2023 at 9am and 11am
  • November 14, 2023 at 9am and 11am

Ministry Opportunities

Loving, nurturing caregivers strive to lay a solid spiritual foundation in the lives of the littlest ones at Bethlehem through intentional prayer, Bible lessons, and biblical truths. Opportunities to serve abound on weekends, various weekdays for MOMS, Bible studies, and special events.



Bud Burk (612-338-7653 x486)
Pastor for Children & Family Discipleship

Lisa Burk (612-338-7653 x495)
Lead Coordinator for Nurseries

Debbie Mairet (612-338-7653 x496)
Administrative Assistant for Family Discipleship